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The Smackdown crew is in Tokyo, Japan tomorrow. WWE Games posted a WWE '13 Developer Q&A video. WWE's latest Superstar Toyz features Brodus Clay's fish collection. The latest WWE Inbox features wrestlers discussing wrestlers they wanted to me.

The Los Angeles Times has an article on the new WWE Saturday Morning Slam show, a half-hour show airing on CW aimed at children. WWE surveyed fans about possible future DVD releases. NBC released a new preview clip of Stars Earn Stripes featuring Eve.

Local Bozo interviewed Chris Jericho about the growth of Fozzy, Fozzy's new album, returning to wrestling and more. Chris Jericho responded to Kevin Nash's recent comments about what he feels killed professional wrestling. Jim Ross' latest BBQ blog entry discusses Kevin Nash's comments on smaller wrestlers and his views on box office draws. Several other wrestlers including Roddy Piper, MVP and Chavo Guerrero Sr. responded to Kevin Nash's comments about smaller wrestlers.

Randy Orton commented via Twitter about his new look as well as dropping the punt. David Otunga is expected to return to WWE TV soon now that filming of The Hive is complete. Andy "Jackson Andrews" Slocum's fiance Amber Stovall broke off their engagement after learning of his relationship with Rosa Mendes and his alleged beating of Mendes, although she says he hasn't been violent with her.

Arda Ocal interviewed Gerald Brisco about scouting Olympic talent for wrestling, including non-wrestlers. Billy Gunn and Vader visited WWE developmental this week. WWE signed French wrestler Lucas Di Leo. A group of women calling themselves Moms Opposing McMahon protested Linda McMahon's campaign this morning over WWE's treatment of women and violence, but McMahon's campaign claims they're attacking her on behalf of likely Democrat opponent Chris Murphy.

TNA Today interviewed Kazarian and Christopher Daniels about AJ Styles, Hardcore Justice, the Olympics and more. Jerry Lynn issued a statement on his past interactions with Wrestlers Rescue. Tatanka, 1-2-3 Kid and Aldo Montoya have been announced as Team WWF in CHIKARA's 2012 King of Trios tournament. Diego Sanchez commented on Daniel Bryan's Yes chants which Bryan claims were inspired by Sanchez.

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