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There are Smackdown spoilers from tonight's taping in Houston, TX. The latest RAW Backstage Fallout features Kelly Kelly, Daniel Bryan, Alex Riley and more. Jersey Shore's Pauly D will serve as RAW's Social Media Ambassador next week.

WWE held a post-RAW Shawn Michaels Appreciation Night celebration with Undertaker and Vince McMahon among the many wrestlers paying tribute to his career. Shawn Michaels commented on his RAW appearance and his hometown crowd. Shawn Michaels revealed he's turned down a past WWE offer of a backstage role. Zack Ryder commented on his continuing lack of TV time outside of Superstars.

JTG's angry tweet yesterday was reportedly due to Wrestlemania bonus pay being lower than he felt was deserved. SoundSpike interviewed Chris Jericho about growing up a fan of music and wrestling, balancing his two careers, Fozzy's new album and more. Mick Foley's signed with Innovative Artists. Jim Ross' latest BBQ blog entry discusses RAW, football, NXT and more.

WWE reportedly signed French wrestler Tom La Ruffa to a developmental deal. WWE settled their legal issues with the World Wildlife Fund which have apparently allowed them to use their old scratch logo without blurring. The New Orleans Times-Picayune noted WWE filming the sequel to 12 Rounds in Canada rather than in their area again. Linda McMahon loaned her campaign $4 million in July, bringing her total to $12.4 million.

Food Network will air a Wedding Impossible special featuring the marriage of Gail Kim to Robert Irvine. Ring of Honor is advertising their September 22 TV taping in Baltimore, MD as Fan Appreciation Night. Ring of Honor announced a storyline suspension of Shelton Benjamin while he's working with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Grantland interviewed Kevin Nash about what he feels killed wrestling, his acting career, success and more.

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